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safety procedures

Dear Guests,


To ensure the safety of our guests and staff, and acting in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Development and the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate, we have implemented the following procedures at our hotels:


  • Information about the maximum number of guests permitted to stay in a given part of the facility will be posted in a well visible place in front of the entrance to the hotel.
  • Dispensers with hand disinfectant available for guests will be placed throughout the hotel.
  • Time spent by guests at the reception desk will be cut to the absolute minimum.
  • The maximum number of guest at the hotel will be limited based on the number of available rooms multiplied by two.
  • All rooms will be thoroughly cleaned, while touchable surfaces of equipment and bathrooms will be disinfected. Following the cleaning, rooms will be thoroughly aired and subjected to ozonisation/decontamination with the use of dedicated technologies.
  • For sanitary reasons meals will be available only in the form of takeaway or room service.
  • Individuals not being hotel guests will not be allowed to enter the premises.
  • Common areas, such as playrooms for children, saunas, billiard rooms, gyms and other places of similar nature will be closed.
  • Public toilets, lifts, reception countertops, handles, handrails, telephones, computer keyboards, social room equipment and other frequently touched surfaces will be disinfected on hourly basis.
  • Hotel staff will be equipped with disposable masks, gloves and, if necessary, disposable long sleeve aprons and any other essential measures of hygiene.
  • Hotel staff will be provided with appropriate equipment and resources, while daily cleaning work will be closely monitored, with particular emphasis on disinfecting touchable surfaces, such as handrails, handles, light switches, chair railings and flat surfaces, including countertops in working areas.
  • Conference rooms can be used only under the special security guidelines specified under law (minimum distance 2 m between people).
  • Bed linen and towels will be washed on the daily basis in detergent in temperature of at least 60 ºC with the application of special sanitary procedures.
  • Blow dryers on private bathrooms and public toilets must not be used.
  • All common areas of the hotel will be subject to systematic airing or ozoning (or otherwise decontamination with the use of other technology).
  • All hotel equipment used by guest will be disinfected after use.
  • Contact phone numbers to the sanitary and epidemiological station and medical services will be posted in a readily available place.
  • All hotel guests will be advised about the safety procedures implemented at the hotel in relation to the COVID-19 virus.



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