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Busko-Zdrój: Health and relaxation in Hotel*** Gromada Busko - Zdrój

Busko Zdrój is situated on a beautiful lowland. In its vicinity there are many historical monuments and nature reserves. The resort’s greatest values are unique springs of therapeutic waters – the only ones in Poland. Visiting a spa resort offers more than a vacation. It can help you improve your health and bring your entire being into balance. If you would like to find a quiet place with elegantly furnished rooms, near to medical springs, Hotel GROMADA is the right choice for you. The hotel provides a pleasant accomodation for 90 persons. Facilities: restaurant (80 persons), café (50 persons) conference hall (50 persons) free parking in the hotel’s grounds lift and a special drive for wheelchairs Our guests rooms are all equipped with: toilet and shower or bath TV direct dial telephones connection to internet (free) Spa treatment – we offer spa treatment in Sanatorium Zbyszko situated in close neighbourhood (250 meters from hotel). Useful informations: the hotel is staffed 24 hours, we accept American Express, Master Card, VISA, Maestro check-in time: 2 p.m., check-out time: 12 a.m. Location: 80 kilometers north of Cracow, 230 kilometers south of Warsaw. Nearby attractions and activities: swimming pool (1,5 km from hotel), walking and cycling, sites of historic interest: Wiślica, Pińczów, Szydłów, Jędrzejów, Chęciny

The prices include bed & breakfast

What one should see in the area?

In vicinity of Busko Zdrój there are many attractions. For example, we invite on very interesting trip from Jedrzejow to Pinczow by very old train which is called Ciuchcia Ponidzie. On its route one can see picturesque landscapes and sightsee historical monuments in Pinczow. On a return way, in a little village – Umianowice, we can prepare bonfire for train’s passengers. The end of the trip is in Jedrzejow.

WIŚLICA. Probable capital of a state of the Wislanie tribe. A collegiate church with marvellous stained glass built in the years 1350-1380. famous “Wislica plate” and “House of Długosz” from 1460 can be found there.
PIŃCZÓW. A town established in 1428. parish church and Paulite convent from the same period. Palace and buildings below the castle from the late 17th century.
The treatment profile of the resort has been determined by the scope of natural materials present in the area. Accordingly, the following afflictions are treatment in Busko Zdrój, on the basis of saline sulfide-hydrogen-sulfide waters:
posttraumatic states of the motor organ
some skin diseases /psoriasis, seborrhoea, occupational dermatoses/
ischemia of the lower limbs
gynecologicla diseases /chronic inflammatory states of ovaries,infertility/


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